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Does Daylight Saving Time Save Energy?

If you felt like you were constantly running behind schedule this past Sunday, you’re not crazy, and you’re also not alone. This weekend, most of the United States observed Daylight Savings Time, which means setting clocks forward an hour to squeeze as much sunlight out of the waking day as possible. The goal is far more pragmatic than boosting society’s general happiness level with some extra UV exposure; otherwise a national undertaking (international if you count Europe’s analogous summer time change coming up), would not merit the effort involved in coordination and execution. Instead, the goal is, unsurprisingly, efficiency. Energy efficiency, that is. While there is debate about how much energy is actually saved, the general idea is to maximize the amount of time that people are awake and out of the house, so that as little energy is used indoors as is possible.

If you are wondering who came up with the brilliantly simple idea of adjusting human clocks to match that of the cosmos, it was possibly none other than the man who invented just about anything else you can think of- Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was unintentionally prescient in his snide remark that Parisians could reduce their energy expenditures in the evening hours if they were to begin their days before the sun was already at its zenith. Sadly, Americans cannot claim to have recognized or adopted the clever advice hidden in Franklin’s jab, though. It was Germany who first adopted Day Light Savings time in 1916, and a full fifty years passed before the US caught up to their efficient chronological manipulation.

The real question for those of us who might be loath to jump on board the new timetable is whether you prefer to lengthen your snooze or your budget. Rising earlier in the day does mean you are likely to head to bed before having to burn up as much midnight oil as someone who rises at noon, but an early start also means less time to recover from the previous night’s ventures. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, Schaffhouser Electric is there to fuel your home and energy needs at whatever time of day or night you decide to stir. There is no penalty for late-sleepers or night owls, and no change in service accompanying the change in time. In fact, Schaffhouser Electric might be able to give you the best of both worlds by providing you with energy-saving, efficient light fixtures and bulbs that reduce your bill without any change on your part at all.


Energy Efficient Lighting

Environmentally Friendly And Energy Efficient Green Lighting

With the rapidly expanding market of environmentally friendly products available here in Nashville today, there is no excuse for not updating your home to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are all familiar with the idea of green waste disposal through recycling, green transportation through hybrid vehicles, and green eating through local food choices, but where else in your daily routine can you be a little greener? How can you do your pocketbook and the environment a favor without making any sacrifices? One easy and impactful way to get greener is through focusing on energy efficiency, starting with green lighting! We have come a long way since Edison’s founding bulb, and the options for playing with light as both a functional necessity and aesthetic instrument are endless. Even within the subset of green lighting, it is still hard to know exactly what kind of environmentally friendly design would best meet your home’s needs of according taste and energy efficiency. Thankfully, Schaffhouser Electric is bringing to Nashville the finest selection of cutting-edge green lighting developed in Europe and adapted to meet your needs.

If this year’s winter is indicative of the climate we can expect to navigate for the next few seasons, let alone years, we want to be ready to shift gears as quickly and seamlessly as the weather station changes forecasts. Choosing Schaffhouser Electric’s services for managing your energy and power systems and updating your current control plan means that you will be able to definitely scratch off temperature as a concern of yours regardless of the weather, at least within your own home! Small savings in operational expenses that are built into investments in green lighting and environmentally friendly energy efficiency add up to a huge difference in your bottom line, whether residential or corporate.

Nashville residents are going above and beyond to help out their community in this time of climatological uncertainty. Unprecedented numbers of shelters have sprung up in homes, churches, schools, and even businesses in efforts to keep our unhoused friends off the streets and safe from extreme temperatures. The public infrastructure wasn’t in place to accommodate the entire unhoused population when the first polar vortex struck, but the sense of community and mutual accountability was. Fortunately, this sense of community led to open doors and warm beds, and we as a city proved our ability to act quickly and intelligently in the face of changing conditions. Wouldn’t you as an individual like to contribute to that sense of preparedness by starting with your own home and knowing that whatever happens with the weather or the market, you’ll at least be ready to take care of whomever you need to? Call Schaffhouser Electric today to get on board with Nashville’s forward-looking populace.

Static Electricity

Schaffhouser Electric Static Electricity

Most of us are used to calling up the Electric Company for the typical problem of tripped circuits, power outages, rewiring and remodeling, and so on. It is great to know that Schaffhouser Electric is at the ready any time day or night to provide their top-notch electrical commercial or residential services, because peace of mind in regards to electrical safety and convenience cannot be underestimated. You don’t want to miss the big game just because there is a storm on outside, and you don’t want to spend the night without the alarm system working when little ones are sleeping just down the hall. Being able to dial up skilled professionals who are more than happy to tackle these problems for you in no time and at a reasonable price is quite a luxury. Schaffhouser has diffused many a sticky situation, no pun intended, and they do not plan on changing their customer service platform anytime soon. They will be ready and waiting next time you call, same as always. Since you probably will not have occasion to dial up your trusty electrician friends anytime soon, though, you might think there is no cause to bother them with inquiries of any kind. Think again.

For the curiously-minded, electricity is a perennial fascination. For the topically-minded, electricity is currently shocking the heck out of you! If you have spent the past couple winter months constantly sliding across wood or shuffling across carpet, only to have the exact same zap jump from the doorknob to your hand when you reach the other side, then you have experienced the lively greeting of static electricity. This seasonal phenomenon is not one the is easily avoided or readily understood, so why not turn to Schaffhouser for their professional opinion on what in the world is happening to you and how to make it stop? While they do faithfully attend to their 24/7 service line, this is one electricity question that they would be happy to receive at any time.

The mysterious-sounding static electricity is merely, as are most unpleasant things, the result of an imbalance. The electric charges are simply trying to balance themselves out, and your skin happens to be one of the mediums for striking that balance. If you want to spare yourself the job of letting electrons jump around until they’re satisfied, there are a couple easy ways to reduce static electricity in your environment. Making the environment itself more conducive is as easy as opening a window or turning on a humidifier. There are, of course, more extreme measures like anti-static boots, but few of us have occasion to wear them without looking quite dramatic. For more information on the fascinating field of static electricity, call Schaffhouser and quiz them on their science, or better yet, impress them with yours!

Nashville Outdoor Lighting Services

Light It Up!

Illuminate Your Holidays

It’s time to open up those rusty boxes and decorate the house one more time for the most beautiful time of the year. Say goodbye to your bikinis and board shorts and say hello to thick furry clothes and blankets. Yes, its Christmas once again; the last minute buying of gifts and the month long preparation of setting up your Christmas tree; getting your ice skates shiny and new and getting your ham to perfection.  Preparing dinner for all your family and relatives singing holiday cheers – it is a wonderful time of year.

Don’t Be Clark Griswold 

Decorating houses with Christmas lights and other beautiful ornaments has become a well-loved tradition.  Before, families used to decorate the interiors of their home. Like the furnace, the tables, the Christmas tree, the windows, and other areas and furniture. But nowadays, people decorate even the outside exteriors of the house where beautiful LED lights sparkle their way into the night. This is called Holiday Lighting and it’s not as easy as it looks. Remember this classic scene?

There are certain electrical wirings needed for this especially if you plan on decorating the roof and the four corners of your home. But like any other electrical equipment, certain precautionary measures should be taken. This complicated work of art needs certified electricians to set up the place and make sure that all electric circuits and plugs are managed and organized in such a way so as not to cause any short-circuits or power outages or even worse, unexpected fires.

We Can Help

Christmas lights are always breath taking to look at. Those lights have this impact on people to truly feel the holiday spirit. It brings warmth and brightness to your home. Schaffhouser Electric Company, LLC is more than willing to help you with your Christmas lights and decors both indoor and outdoor. They have the finest equipment, knowledge and skill to put up the lights best suited for your home. They offer the best of their services to residential and commercial homes and buildings in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama since 2010. John Schaffhouser has signed up for billion dollar projects with enormous companies such as FedEx and Tyson. This only show how efficient his electricians and staff are. His company not only strives for perfection in the task but to always make sure it is accomplished on time and as promised. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. With them, it’s the perfect way to end yet another fruitful year.


Best Generator Installation Services

We Install Generators!

Back-up Generators: They’ve Got Your Back

Picture this:  Your phone just died while you were in the middle of a very important phone call with your boss. You plug in your phone and after it just about reaches that first dot of life, the power dies. No internet, no computer, no cellphone — no nothing. Desperate, you try and reach out for your phone to call your boss on his landline, but you suddenly remembered that you can’t, since he’s out of the country on a business trip. Now that right there is an undesirable scenario. If we’re not careful and prepared enough, this might just happen in real life. In fact, it likely already has.

When the power goes out and it is cold…you are going to love having your newly installed generator.

The best way to spare yourself and those close to you from this cringing scenario is to get a backup generator installed right away. When the power goes off, not only is it a huge inconvenience to you and your work process, but it also affects the daily workflow of your household. Admit it, more than half of the things that you need and rely on to get to function daily are either connected to an electrical socket, battery operated or is internet-dependent. If you get a generator installed, you wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to do or finish whatever it is you need to work on. You would still be able to function regularly.

Now you may think that getting a generator installed is complicated stuff and you’re having second thoughts because you just want to save yourself from more paperwork. But actually, it’s not that complicated at all. Service calls for backup generator installations by Schaffhouser Electric Company are generally designed to suit you and your schedule. They are glad to work whenever it is that you can take the time off from your busy schedule. Manned with the most qualified electricians and support staff, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Just give them a call and they would be readily available, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Isn’t it a huge relief not to ever worry about power outages getting in the way of you and your work anymore? Or having your Friday Family Movie Nights ruined? Or freezing half to death because the there’s no electricity for your heater. You can finally go to sleep at night without having to worry about all those things because unlike any other typical horror movie, for once, you are in control.

Home Building Hope Project

Building a Home – Building Hope

Schaffhouser Electric is proud to have been able to contribute to one family’s dream come true.

There are many reasons that people may be in desperate need of safe and affordable housing. Sometimes it is a tornado, sometimes a flood. Whatever the reason, Habitat for Humanity is there; partnering with future homeowners and the larger community. Here at Schaffhouser Electric, we are honored to have been able to donate our time and labor to a Habitat project. We have a vendor partner in Border States that has provided all of the materials that were installed in this project.

Volunteering with Habitat not only feels good for the volunteer, but for the future homeowner.

Volunteering with Habitat not only feels good for the volunteer, but for the future homeowner, who is also pitching in…it is life-changing.

Our technicians provided the electrical and low voltage wiring installation for this home. The family purchasing the home, along with Habitat volunteers and others from the community can now move to the next phase of construction. It isn’t often you get to directly make a difference in the life of an entire family. We are glad to do so and are grateful to our customers who make it possible to do what we love and give back to our community.

In the US alone, 48.5 million people are living in poverty.

In the US alone, 48.5 million people are living in poverty – making safe and affordable housing critical.

Habitat for Humanity helped a record 94, 618 people in 2012.

Habitat for Humanity helped a record 94, 618 people in 2012.


Faulty Wiring, Nashville, TN - Schaffhouser Electric

Updating the Electrical Wiring for Your Home

The process of updating your electrical wiring for your home can be extremely stressful. This is because the average person really does not know a lot about electricity and does not know how to begin when it comes to wiring. There are a few important things every homeowner should keep in mind when it comes to updating the electrical wiring throughout their home. Failure to keep up with this important part of home maintenance could end in disaster.

Electrical Wiring Repair - Nashville TN - Schaffhouser Electric

There are a few key signs that it may be time to start thinking about updating your electrical wiring throughout your home. A burning smell could be a sign of a dangerous electrical problem and should always be addressed as quickly as possible. Another sign of an issue is if the lights are flickering for no obvious reason or if outlets throw sparks when appliances are plugged into them. Additionally, if a fuse blows, it is best to have the wiring checked out instead of assuming that it was a one-time issue. Any one of these issues, which may not seem like a big deal at the time, could be a symptom of an underlying problem that could lead to major trouble down the road.

Although these are the most common signs of a problem with the electrical wiring, it may be necessary to have the home checked out even in the absence of these issues. If a home is more than forty years old and has never had the electrical wiring updated, it is definitely time to have someone come and take a look at it. This is not only a matter of keeping the lights in good working order but also a safety issue. Old electrical wiring can become faulty and cause a dangerous house fire. Do not assume that the wiring in the house is in good working condition just because there does not appear to be a major problem on the surface.

To avoid a problem before it becomes a serious issue, it is a good idea to have the electricity in the home inspected each year. This should be done at around the same time each year and many people choose to include it in their spring-cleaning routine. A licensed electrician will be able to take a look at the wiring and identify any potential problems before they become full-blown issues. They may also have suggestions as to how the electricity in the home could be run more efficiently, saving energy and money for the homeowner.

Updating the wiring in a home is also a good opportunity to add anything new that the homeowner may have been considering. For example, someone may want overhead recessed lighting in their family room but may not have ever taken the time to look into it. At the same time that the wiring is being updated, it is easy for an electrician to go in and set up the space for that additional lighting.

If a home is more than forty years old, the owners should absolutely look into updating the electrical wiring. Even if there are no signs of a problem, such as sparking outlets or a strange burning smell, there is a chance that the wiring is outdated and therefore, dangerous. This important job should be done by a professional and should never be taken on by a homeowner who is not properly trained to work with electricity. To avoid a serious electrical problem before it begins, have a professional electrician in each year to inspect the wiring and make sure that it is in safe working condition.


New Construction Nashville, Industrial Electrical Services

New Construction and Your Electrical Needs

Sorting through the ins and outs of new construction and your electrical needs can be a very daunting task for many people. Regardless of whether someone is building a new home for their family or construction a new office building for their business, there are many different things that must be taken into consideration. Above all of the other choices that must be made with new construction, the electrical needs are the most vital to the success of the structure. It takes careful planning and research to get the job done properly.


Before contacting anyone about new construction and your electrical needs or making any definite decisions, it is important to determine exactly what those needs are. Most importantly, the person commissioning the building must think about who will be using the building and how the building is being used. This will help to determine the specific electrical needs for the new construction site. Once someone has an idea of what they would like for their new construction, they can get in touch with someone who can turn their ideas into a reality.

The most important decision to be made throughout this process is exactly who is going to do the electrical work for the new structure. Of course, it is absolutely necessary to use a licensed and insured electrician for the job. When interviewing potential contractors, discuss their prior experience working on new construction as opposed to existing buildings. It is also a good idea to ask for references from past customers to hear about the quality of their work. Finally, contact the Better Business Bureau and make sure that no former customers have filed complaints against the company or individual contractor.

Once it seems like the right contractor has been located, it is important to have an initial meeting and discuss the expectations for the project. Even though the owner of the building will not be doing the work himself or herself, it is very important that he or she understands all of the elements of the new construction. Ask the electrician to explain, in as simple of terms as possible, exactly what is going to take place and how it will all work once the structure is completed. This will help the owner to make decisions and to assess any possible issues that would arise down the road.

It is also a good idea to contact the township in which the structure will be built and see if there have been any recent changes to the local codes. Of course, the electrician should be very familiar with the laws and regulations in the area and should complete the work in accordance with them. However, it is always best for a responsible owner to be on top of every aspect of their project. In order to make sure that everyone is on the same page, it is easy and beneficial for the homeowner to research this as well as checking with the electrician to ensure they are up on the latest codes and permit needs.

Construction Workers Nashville

A new construction project requires the cooperation of many contractors, not only an electrician. With this in mind, it is important to keep everyone working on the project in the loop. When making important decisions about the electrical wiring for the structure, make sure that the plans do not negatively impact any other aspect of the project. Do not assume that the electricity will not impact an element such as the construction or plumbing.

Building a new structure, whether for home or business purposes, can be an extremely stressful project. One of the biggest issues that people run into is deciding how to handle the electrical needs of their new structure. It is important to find a trustworthy, licensed, and insured professional to take care of all of the electrical needs. They will be able to explain everything that will take place over the course of the project, including any local codes to which they must adhere. No matter how good someone thinks he or she is at doing their own home projects, he or she should never attempt to take on any electrical work if they are not a licensed electrician. The result could be a dangerous fire that destroys the entire structure or, worse, an electrical accident that results in serious injury or even death. It is always best to leave this important job to a trained and experienced professional.


Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Adds That Special Touch

Who among us has not gotten into the car and driven around another neighborhood just to admire the holiday lights and decorations? All of us love the glow of icicle lights hanging from deck rails, the romantic warmth that comes with festive lighting. Yet, inexplicably, most of us limit outdoor lighting to the holiday season, fully enjoying our decks and yards for just a few hours every day.

Let There Be Light

Increasingly, however, people are choosing to light up the great outdoors year round, appreciating not only the look but also the safety that comes with it. Illuminating walkways helps to prevent slips and trips, safeguarding the family from harm and protecting the homeowner from legal liability should someone else fall. Light at entrances not only keeps the wrong people from approaching them but also lets homeowners see who is out there before opening the door.

The added security offered by outdoor lighting makes a great argument for doing something that homeowners want to do for other reasons. Wanting either to show off beautiful landscaping or make the deck more functional, homeowners are right to justify the project with its safety benefits. Still, it is more than likely the romantic dinners and summer parties on the deck that spill into the backyard that motivate the change.

Leave It to a Pro

There is no denying the special ambiance that comes with the right outdoor lighting, and a wide range of options exists. Downlights for paths, up-lighting for decks, colored fluorescents…all are available, and a professional electrician can help the homeowner to determine the best choices. As important to landscaping as the right choice of grasses and flowers, outdoor lighting systems should be well planned and properly installed.

Not exactly like stringing Christmas lights from the roof, permanent outdoor lighting needs to be handled by an electrician. The rewards, however, are numerous, starting with the extended usefulness of decks and yards, illuminating them for night-time enjoyment. The charm of light softly glowing here and there throughout the yard adds a special touch to the beauty of the home year round.


Schaffhouser Electric Historical Home

Updating Your Electrical System In Historical Homes

Old homes present common problems and concerns, as evidenced by shows like “This Old House”. Those resources offer valuable information to old-home owners, because governmental codes have almost certainly changed – and possibly several times – since their homes were built. That is invariably true with respect to updating electrical systems and especially true for historical homes.

Should You Ever Do It Yourself?

When considering whether or not to tackle the job yourself, it is important to remember why codes exist and why compliance with them is important. Over the years, better electrical components have been developed that offer better protections for homeowners. Municipal codes have changed, and they are constantly changing, to reflect better electrical systems that improve the safety of homes.

The compliance with code of a historical home’s electrical system is not simply a formality but an essential part of its safety. GFCI outlets, for example, are required by some municipalities because of heightened awareness of homeowner safety; that is essentially what their codes enforce. Different types of wires and outlets now exist that reduce the chances of electrical shock or fire.

Thus, GFCI outlets may be required because homeowners are using electricity near water, which is a great conductor for its movement. Regulations regarding recessed lights may relate to their proximity to ever-changing insulating materials in ceilings – also enforced by codes. As a result, unless you are a professional, licensed, insured electrician, updating the electrical by yourself just is not a good idea.

Leave It to Local Electricians

It is quite simply ill advised for even the handiest of amateurs who care about home safety to learn this as they go. As tempting as it may be to try this on your own, historical homes are precisely the ones most likely to hold dangers. Clearly, the safest and best choice in every way is to leave this one to professionals.