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Industrial Data Cabling

Industrial Data Cabling Infrastructures

Industrial data cabling is the cabling infrastructure used in businesses and facilities to provide coherent data communication and automation.

When it comes to running a business, efficiency and communication are key, and there are few things more frustrating than when problems arise with a computer network-cabling infrastructure, also known as Industrial Data Cabling. This infrastructure is used to manage a business technology needs, ranging from computer networking and wireless Internet to video/audio cabling, fiber cabling installation, and data center installation.

As these services are typically the backbone of modern day companies, proper installation and operation is imperative to running a business.

Improper data cabling is often a leading cause of Internet, computer software and data center issues. At Schaffhouser Electric, our industrial data cabling services come guaranteed with proper installation and operation, which is backed up with a lifetime warranty. If there is ever an issue with the cabling from our end we will replace the affected parts at no charge.

The most fundamental piece of data cabling is computer networking, which connects all computers to a single server so that they run together as a unified system. Our professional installation provides a neat, orderly appearance so that your cables are not spread throughout your office, which also protects the cords from connection breaks.

Our other data cabling services include the following:

  • Wireless Internet and Router Installation, which also includes installation of related software and secure password setup.
  • Video and Audio Cabling.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Voice installs, which consists of integrating voice and communications units within your office’s network.
  • Fiber Cabling Installations- typically used in factories or warehouses, fiber optic cabling that is capable of processing thousands of data transactions instantly.
  • Data Center Installations: This typically involves any or all of our other cabling options, and requires proper systemization and routing. This may involve connecting phones, a computer network, a wireless system for overflow computer connections, and video cabling.