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Commercial Electrical Contractors

The Value of Working with Qualified Commercial Electricians

You need some basic electrical work done for your business and one of your workers knows “someone” that does this type of work. Best of all, they are very cheap and out of work, so they can get it done right away. This often sounds like a great idea to business owners, but they often get exactly what they are paying for and end up with a complete mess on their hands.

Budgets can be very tight these days and when unexpected repairs pop up, such as commercial electrical work, there simply is not enough room in the budget for major repairs. So, business owners will often look for a local handyman or a friend of a friend that can do the job on the cheap and save them some money.

However, in many cases, instead of saving money, they often end up with bad electrical work and more damage than when they started. First and foremost, the value of a qualified commercial contractor is in making sure the job is done right the first time around! It may seem like more money now, but those few extra dollars spent will definitely save money and aggravation in the future.

Simply put, experience is everything when it comes to this type of work. The “Average Joe” is not going to have the expertise to work with commercial wiring. Most electricians have served for years as an apprentice as well as having worked with another electrician before they are out on their own. They not only benefit from the supervised time, but also have the benefit of the years of experience from their mentor.

When hiring a commercial electrician, check for licensing and insurance. In addition, ask for an estimate so you have a rough idea as to how much the job will cost. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, that estimate should be very close the actual price charged. A qualified electrician will be able to provide all of this to you as well as professional and quality workmanship.



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Are You a House Flipper? You Will Need a Good Electrician

Flipping homes has become a very popular way of earning a second income. Reality TV has glamorized the process and more and more people are looking for homes on the market they can buy cheap and then remodel to flip for a profit. One area of the “flipping” that needs to be specifically addressed is in redoing the electricity.

Many older homes have what would be considered sub standard electrical work by today’s standards. However, because they were built prior to the new guidelines, they may have been grandfathered in for the existing work. If you are going to flip the home, you should upgrade the electrical work, as it will only make the home more marketable.

In most cases, doing a major renovation will require permits and approval from the local inspector. In order for the home to pass, a licensed electrician will be required to perform the work. Mind you, we are not speaking about a general contractor, as some people will get confused between the two.

Licensed electricians are required to pass significant testing on all aspects of the profession before they are certified. A general contractor need only obtain liability insurance and then apply to their local state for a license. They may have a general knowledge, but they may find themselves in over their head for certain projects and will literally walk away, leaving the flipper literally out in the cold.

The benefit in hiring a licenses electrician is that you have someone to fall back on if there are problems. For instance, electricians are required to be not only licensed, but also insured. If they run into problems and are unable to complete the job, there is a bond available to hire another electrician to complete the job. If you are flipping a house, you obviously want and need everything to be done by code, as you are the party liable. Simply put, it just makes sense to hire a licensed electrician for these types of projects.