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Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Adds That Special Touch

Who among us has not gotten into the car and driven around another neighborhood just to admire the holiday lights and decorations? All of us love the glow of icicle lights hanging from deck rails, the romantic warmth that comes with festive lighting. Yet, inexplicably, most of us limit outdoor lighting to the holiday season, fully enjoying our decks and yards for just a few hours every day.

Let There Be Light

Increasingly, however, people are choosing to light up the great outdoors year round, appreciating not only the look but also the safety that comes with it. Illuminating walkways helps to prevent slips and trips, safeguarding the family from harm and protecting the homeowner from legal liability should someone else fall. Light at entrances not only keeps the wrong people from approaching them but also lets homeowners see who is out there before opening the door.

The added security offered by outdoor lighting makes a great argument for doing something that homeowners want to do for other reasons. Wanting either to show off beautiful landscaping or make the deck more functional, homeowners are right to justify the project with its safety benefits. Still, it is more than likely the romantic dinners and summer parties on the deck that spill into the backyard that motivate the change.

Leave It to a Pro

There is no denying the special ambiance that comes with the right outdoor lighting, and a wide range of options exists. Downlights for paths, up-lighting for decks, colored fluorescents…all are available, and a professional electrician can help the homeowner to determine the best choices. As important to landscaping as the right choice of grasses and flowers, outdoor lighting systems should be well planned and properly installed.

Not exactly like stringing Christmas lights from the roof, permanent outdoor lighting needs to be handled by an electrician. The rewards, however, are numerous, starting with the extended usefulness of decks and yards, illuminating them for night-time enjoyment. The charm of light softly glowing here and there throughout the yard adds a special touch to the beauty of the home year round.


Schaffhouser Electric Landscape Lighting

An Electrician Can Enhance Your Home’s Value with Landscape Lighting

In such a tough housing market, homeowners making improvements should choose projects that will not only allow them to better enjoy their home, but also improve the value of it. Landscape lighting is one such idea because it increase the hours of enjoyment outside during the summer months, makes the home look better, increases value, as well as providing extra security.

Have you ever been forced to bring the party inside during the summer merely because there was not enough lighting outside? You sent the kids scrambling for tiki torches or candles, but you either did not have enough or they simply could not find them. Now you are faced with either ending the party or moving the guests indoors, which you were trying to avoid in the first place by having an outdoor party.

Situations such as this can be avoided by having an electrician install outdoor landscape lighting. In addition to making your space more usable, you can now accent features of the home that will make it look more appealing to anyone walking or driving by. You never know, one of those individuals just may be in the market for a new home and when your home goes up for sale, it is that perimeter lighting that will create interest in  your home.

Never underestimate the value of lighting in regard to security, either. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. You are looking at two homes, both similarly priced, but the more expensive one has significant landscape lighting enhancing the landscaping as well as providing extra security around the doors and windows. Which home would you be more likely to buy?

Home improvements are often a risky undertaking for a homeowner because they rarely increase the value of the home by as much as it costs the homeowner to install. Landscape lighting offers one of the higher ROI for homeowners simply because it makes such an impression on the buyer. People are more likely to not only buy homes with a breathtaking entryway, they are also more likely to pay more!