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Schneider Electric EcoXpert

Is Your Company Interested in Going Green? Now is the Time

As summer comes to an end, the weather will soon be getting colder and the sun will be setting earlier—thus your energy expenses are likely to peak. If your company has considered going green, the time is now!

The Schaffhouser Electric team has undergone the Schneider Electric EcoXpert training and certification program. This process has allowed our energy-conservation experts to identify key sources of energy mismanagement, and develop solutions that can not only minimize waste, but also cut down on energy expenses. According to Forbes, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings produce energy waste that adds up to an estimated $60 billion every year.

With today’s technology, energy expenses are a given, but there are several ways that Schaffhouser Electric can help your business keep the cost and waste to a minimum.

Our company has undergone the Schneider Electric ExoXpert training and certification program, which gives us valuable knowledge to identify energy mismanagement, as well as the skills to develop waste minimization and reduce overall energy expenses. By providing a custom business evaluation, Schaffhouser Electric can help your business cut costs and become more environmentally friendly.

Here are a few of our services that will become especially helpful as the fall and winter seasons approach:

Lighting and Lighting Controls: As the days become shorter, there is less natural light available, which often leads to an increase in electricity use. Unfortunately, lighting contributes to an enormous amount of energy waste in commercial settings. We have the expertise and know-how to establish a system that minimizes energy waste without cutting down on productivity.

Energy and Power Management Systems: In the cases of large corporations and industrial facilities, an assessment for an energy and power management system often provides significant insight as to where the most energy waste is stemming from. Energy and Power Management systems can significantly improve the amount of energy saved, while also providing savings in overall operational costs.

HVAC Controls: Many interior and exterior factors from a building can effect the operation of HVAC units. To maintain the comfort level of your office, Schaffhouser Electric offers HVAC control solutions, which can conveniently cut down on operating costs.

Schaffhouser Electric’s energy-conservation experts are trained to provide top-notch expertise when it comes to electricity efficiency, which will reduce the consumption and demand of energy, while also providing valuable financial savings. Interested in saving energy before the days get longer and colder? Give us a call!