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What Kind of Generator Does Your Office Need?

Automatic Standby Generator

Winter is coming up fast in middle Tennessee, and the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting another cold, bitter season this year.

When weather emergencies like ice storms hit, power to our homes and offices is usually the first thing to go. If you can’t afford to shut down for days at a time (and who can?), these situations could devastate your business.

That’s where generators become a life saver. But how do you know which kind to choose? Here’s a brief rundown of your options:

Portable Generator

A portable generator is just like it sounds–portable. These are best for limited home use or if you know you’ll move it around a lot.

Even though they don’t sound heavy duty, portable generators could be a good choice for small or home offices. Some models can run for long periods of time with the right settings, and if you’re not running a power tool shop, could be just enough to get you through a few days of power outage.

One way to decide if a portable generator is hefty enough for you is to find the wattage necessary for all of your appliances. If you don’t have the owners manual on hand, most of these can be found online these days. Then you add all the wattages for your office and multiply by 2. (This is the extra wattage needed to start appliances.)

It’s important to get the right generator for your needs because overtaxing the generator can waste fuel and damage all the appliances being powered.

Automatic Standby Generator

An automatic standby generator will guarantee that your office is nice and toasty, even when the ice hits.

These generators are permanently installed and work with the power grid to know when to turn on and off. Most of these generators can supply power within seconds of an outage, which could be essential to businesses with food storage or other needs.

Automatic standby generators may seem expensive, but installing one could save you lots of money of lost profits by keeping the office running even when the weather is bad.

Not sure what kind of generator you might need this winter? At Schaffhouser Electric, we’re experts in generator appraisal and installation. Give us a call to set up your appointment before the first storm hits.