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Audio Video Cabling

Benefits Of Audio Video Cabling For Security Purposes

The holidays are upon us, which is a high security time in corporate and commercial environments.

One of the best safety measures to take to ensure the protection of a work environment and safety of employees is the installation of security cameras. reports that, “robbery in and around commercial areas and malls is something to be concerned about during the holidays.” And the Houston Chronicle states, “Installing cameras in your business’s location will almost always reduce theft and other crime that occurs on your premises… It also deters many crimes from ever happening.” By installing high quality video and camera cabling, you are automatically reducing the risk factor.

If you haven’t yet considered video and camera cabling, now is the time to look into it. Quality video, photography and the related cabling can be a huge asset to any business, but it’s best to leave these installations to a professional. At Schaffhouser Electric, our specialists are highly skilled at determining the best products for your needs, and providing top-notch installations. Even with rapid changing technology trends, we make sure to stay informed on which cable arrangements will provide the best results. Our services range from video and camera cabling to speakers, amps, control devices and the necessary cables and extenders. We can handle the technology process so that all you have to worry about is the material being produced.

When it comes to the distribution of audio and video signals, our comprehensive cabling services will make sure that all of your needs are met, while providing superb quality and speed, while also directing you towards the most cost efficient and reliable options. Our experts can explain the full capabilities of your products and integrate them with your current systems to make the overall process seamless to use. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to send information from a computer to a monitor, or provide quality background music without complications, we can get the job done.

The benefits of audio video cabling for security purposes include theft and break-in prevention, evidence should a theft or break-in occur and safety precautions—which foster a more secure atmosphere for employees and clients.

Some of our video cabling options include: Radio Frequency, Composite Video, Component Video and Digital Video.

If you’re ready to look into video and cabling options to benefit the security of your corporate or commercial setting, contact Schaffhouser Electric today!