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New Construction and Your Electrical Needs

Sorting through the ins and outs of new construction and your electrical needs can be a very daunting task for many people. Regardless of whether someone is building a new home for their family or construction a new office building for their business, there are many different things that must be taken into consideration. Above all of the other choices that must be made with new construction, the electrical needs are the most vital to the success of the structure. It takes careful planning and research to get the job done properly.


Before contacting anyone about new construction and your electrical needs or making any definite decisions, it is important to determine exactly what those needs are. Most importantly, the person commissioning the building must think about who will be using the building and how the building is being used. This will help to determine the specific electrical needs for the new construction site. Once someone has an idea of what they would like for their new construction, they can get in touch with someone who can turn their ideas into a reality.

The most important decision to be made throughout this process is exactly who is going to do the electrical work for the new structure. Of course, it is absolutely necessary to use a licensed and insured electrician for the job. When interviewing potential contractors, discuss their prior experience working on new construction as opposed to existing buildings. It is also a good idea to ask for references from past customers to hear about the quality of their work. Finally, contact the Better Business Bureau and make sure that no former customers have filed complaints against the company or individual contractor.

Once it seems like the right contractor has been located, it is important to have an initial meeting and discuss the expectations for the project. Even though the owner of the building will not be doing the work himself or herself, it is very important that he or she understands all of the elements of the new construction. Ask the electrician to explain, in as simple of terms as possible, exactly what is going to take place and how it will all work once the structure is completed. This will help the owner to make decisions and to assess any possible issues that would arise down the road.

It is also a good idea to contact the township in which the structure will be built and see if there have been any recent changes to the local codes. Of course, the electrician should be very familiar with the laws and regulations in the area and should complete the work in accordance with them. However, it is always best for a responsible owner to be on top of every aspect of their project. In order to make sure that everyone is on the same page, it is easy and beneficial for the homeowner to research this as well as checking with the electrician to ensure they are up on the latest codes and permit needs.

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A new construction project requires the cooperation of many contractors, not only an electrician. With this in mind, it is important to keep everyone working on the project in the loop. When making important decisions about the electrical wiring for the structure, make sure that the plans do not negatively impact any other aspect of the project. Do not assume that the electricity will not impact an element such as the construction or plumbing.

Building a new structure, whether for home or business purposes, can be an extremely stressful project. One of the biggest issues that people run into is deciding how to handle the electrical needs of their new structure. It is important to find a trustworthy, licensed, and insured professional to take care of all of the electrical needs. They will be able to explain everything that will take place over the course of the project, including any local codes to which they must adhere. No matter how good someone thinks he or she is at doing their own home projects, he or she should never attempt to take on any electrical work if they are not a licensed electrician. The result could be a dangerous fire that destroys the entire structure or, worse, an electrical accident that results in serious injury or even death. It is always best to leave this important job to a trained and experienced professional.


Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Adds That Special Touch

Who among us has not gotten into the car and driven around another neighborhood just to admire the holiday lights and decorations? All of us love the glow of icicle lights hanging from deck rails, the romantic warmth that comes with festive lighting. Yet, inexplicably, most of us limit outdoor lighting to the holiday season, fully enjoying our decks and yards for just a few hours every day.

Let There Be Light

Increasingly, however, people are choosing to light up the great outdoors year round, appreciating not only the look but also the safety that comes with it. Illuminating walkways helps to prevent slips and trips, safeguarding the family from harm and protecting the homeowner from legal liability should someone else fall. Light at entrances not only keeps the wrong people from approaching them but also lets homeowners see who is out there before opening the door.

The added security offered by outdoor lighting makes a great argument for doing something that homeowners want to do for other reasons. Wanting either to show off beautiful landscaping or make the deck more functional, homeowners are right to justify the project with its safety benefits. Still, it is more than likely the romantic dinners and summer parties on the deck that spill into the backyard that motivate the change.

Leave It to a Pro

There is no denying the special ambiance that comes with the right outdoor lighting, and a wide range of options exists. Downlights for paths, up-lighting for decks, colored fluorescents…all are available, and a professional electrician can help the homeowner to determine the best choices. As important to landscaping as the right choice of grasses and flowers, outdoor lighting systems should be well planned and properly installed.

Not exactly like stringing Christmas lights from the roof, permanent outdoor lighting needs to be handled by an electrician. The rewards, however, are numerous, starting with the extended usefulness of decks and yards, illuminating them for night-time enjoyment. The charm of light softly glowing here and there throughout the yard adds a special touch to the beauty of the home year round.