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How a Commercial Energy Audit Can Benefit Your Business

A commercial building’s energy use is a large operating expense. Typically, one-third of operating expenses is comprised of energy consumption. That is why it is so important to have an energy audit conducted at your commercial building. If your commercial building becomes more energy efficient, you will reap the benefits of reduced operating expenses and an increase in profits and property asset values.

A commercial building energy audit evaluates how efficiently your building is using energy. An audit is the first step to take to make your building more energy efficient. If you want to conserve energy, lower ownership costs, increase asset values, and create a more environmentally friendly building, then you should have a commercial energy audit conducted. It is a simple process. An auditor will come to your facility and take a comprehensive look at energy consumption data to make an assessment. Overall, the following factors will be examined: utility bill (including past bills), on-site survey of property, retrieve data and calculate equipment performance and runtime, review condition of the building envelope, and review current operating schedules. After evaluating all the factors, an energy auditor will recommend cost-effective solutions to maximize the functionality of your building.

There are many benefits to have an energy audit performed at your commercial building. Financially, the greatest impact will be reducing your operating expenses. The operation of the building will also benefit after a completion of an energy audit to become more modernized and operationally efficient. Not only will an energy audit benefit you financially and operationally, but it will also benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions. It’s important to keep in mind that to fully reap the benefits of an energy audit, you need to follow through with the recommendations of the auditor.