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Schaffhouser Energy Management System

How An Energy Management System Can Benefit Your Business

Energy Management System

If you are looking to reduce the energy costs in your industrial or commercial business, it may be time to consider an Energy Management System (EMS).

An Energy Management System is a methodical and efficient process for constant improvement of energy function and performance. An EMS is applicable for businesses of all sizes and divisions, but can be especially beneficial for companies that require rigorous energy operations.

Energy Management Systems provide substantial insight on the performance of your equipment and systems, as well as their energy consumption. An EMS allows you to monitor, control and conserve energy, which will not only reduce costs, but can also reduce environmental damage and the amount of energy that your company consumes. Energy Management Systems are commonly recognized as a top solution to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Five Advantages of an EMS:

1. Savings- Cutting costs is typically the valuable reasons for installing an EMS. By lessening energy, the risk of energy price fluctuations and supply shortage is greatly reduced.

2. Insight on energy usage- An EMS not only allows you to reduce and conserve energy—it also provides an innovative solution that will allow you to understand the performance of devices and systems, as well as their energy consumption. This allows you to gain insight into energy savings, efficiency and sustainability. An EMS allows you to predict your energy costs, optimize and reduce waste, as well as increase your operational efficiencies. You gain the visibility to your energy spending.

3. Improve efficiency and productivity- An EMS establishes the best energy practices for your industry, thus allowing your employees and staff to become aware of energy-saving techniques, thus reducing time and improving the overall efficiency of your business.

4. Integrate systems- An EMS will allow your systems to work together and save energy while doing so. This streamlines your systems, and makes them far easier to use.

5. Qualify for a federal tax deduction- By conserving so much energy; you can receive a tax deduction, which attributes to less spending and more profitability.

Schaffhouser Electric will conduct an energy audit for you company to customize an energy management system that works for your needs. The audit will closely examine your business energy consumption and will detect areas of high usage/waste, and then we will establish the best services and systems that will reduce energy demand or control how much energy is used.

If you are interested in learning how an Energy Management System can benefit your business contact us today!