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Circuit Breaker Box

Troubleshoot Your Breaker Panel

Breaker Panel Troubleshooting

When a breaker panel trips, it often seems to happen at the most inopportune times and is extremely frustrating! Circuit breakers are designed to trip when too much electricity is being pushed through the breaker. When a breaker panel trips, it turns off power due to an electrical current overload, thus protecting your home’s electrical system. There are simple methods to follow to troubleshoot problems with your circuit breakers in your breaker box. The best place to start when you have lost power in your home is to reset your breaker box.

How To Reset Your Breaker

  • Locate your breaker box. Most breaker boxes are located in the basement; in the garage; or in the utility room close to a water heater, air conditioning system, or furnace. After opening the door to your breaker box, listen and make sure you do not hear a buzzing sound or any other odd sound because if you do, you need to contact a professional instead of proceeding on your own.
  • Examine the diagram on the inside of your panel door to locate the circuit to reset in your home. It is typically labeled according to your house layout and numbered on the switches.
  • Inspect all the switches. You will know which circuit is tripped because the switch will be positioned in the middle and have a bit of a “springy” feel when touched.
  • Flip the switch to the OFF position and wait three seconds before switching it to ON position.

If resetting your breaker does not resolve the problem, then consider the following questions:

  • Have I added extra appliances to my home such as microwaves, portable space heaters, or hair dryers?
  • Do I have aging appliances that are causing a jolt in electricity because they need to be replaced?
  • Do I have too many appliances or equipment plugged into one circuit? For example, a television, multiple lamps, and home entertainment system will cause a circuit overload.
  • Do I have devices that are not used regularly turned off?

If your answers to the above questions are “no,” then you need to contact a professional electrician because you may be dealing with some other factors that are causing your circuit breaker to trip. Short circuit issues, faulty wiring, or needing an additional electrical circuit to power all of your electrical needs at home could all be reasons for you circuit breaker tripping.

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