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Energy Management System

Energy Management System for an Efficient and Sustainable Future

In today’s world, companies benefit from being mindful of their carbon footprint. It not only helps the environment, but it can also help you save money. An Energy Management System can be a solution to minimize your energy related expenses by minimizing unnecessary energy expenditure. Commonly referred to as EMS, this system allows you to monitor, analyze, and control every single energy point in your facility. By implementing an EMS, your ROI will be both short-term and long-term. The results will take effect right away and will be long lasting. You will also be highly competitive in the marketplace because of your attention to detail and reduced carbon footprint.

As the future of business is distinctly impacted by technology, it is smart to utilize the tools of the future to make sure you remain at the forefront of your industry. An EMS intertwines the very best aspects of sustainability with energy and money saving principles. Ultimately, an EMS benefits your bottom line while also enhancing your actual and perceived environmental consciousness.

Schaffhouser Electric can customize an EMS that tailors to the specific needs of you and your company. Prior to doing so, however, we will conduct an energy audit that identifies areas that are using a high amount of energy and areas that are wasting energy. The energy audit will clarify ways for you to reduce your energy use and therefore energy costs. Based on the results of your audit, we will then determine the right systems and strategies for you to best utilize your energy consumption.

The following equipment can be monitored and/or controlled by an EMS to maximize efficiency:

  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Signage
  • Subtenants
  • Generators
  • Refrigerators/Coolers
  • Water heater
  • Chain broiler
  • Irrigation
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Gas and water usage
  • Solar energy systems

Although we have already discussed some of the benefits of implementing an Energy Management System, we also want to highlight the idea that an EMS can even enhance your property’s value through utility sub-metering. This allows those who own properties and businesses to recoup utility costs through accurately measuring the tenant utility costs, which can be reported and invoiced to clients through an EMS. Additional benefits of an EMS include:

  • See immediate savings
  • Qualify for a federal tax deduction
  • Increase staff productivity and efficiency
  • Gain insight into how equipment is functioning
  • Avoid costly equipment repair
  • Integrate systems

For more information about energy management systems and how Schaffhouser Electric can help, call 615-325-8082.

Industrial Electrician Nashville

What to Consider When You Have Large-Scale Power Needs

Rapid technological advances have paved the way for more autonomy when searching for industrial electric services. Since there are numerous options when making important electrical decisions, it is vital to know what your needs are and how you can best address them. For large scale industrial electrical Nashville projects, Schaffhouser Electric prides itself in not only working to understand your needs, but also proactively seeks to address them for you. Larger scale power needs are dependent upon a team that stays ahead of emerging trends.

At Schaffhouser Electric, we work to position ourselves at the forefront of technological advances. As the industry adapts to new systems and practices, our team is committed to staying ahead of every change. When considering larger scale power needs, there are a few main goals:

Keep Costs Effective: Analyze how your expenses are being used to ensure your current situation is the best one for you.

Simplify Processes: It is crucial that your electric needs are closely monitored by a trusted team because mismanagement leads to wasted energy. Schaffhouser Electric will conduct an energy audit to help your company establish a customized energy management system.

Gain Knowledge and Understanding: Partner with a reliable and trustworthy team that can guide you through your company’s specific needs. Knowing more about your needs enables you to become a more informed decision-maker.

Schaffhouser offers the knowledge, support, maintenance and follow-through that are needed to address large scale power needs.

Call 615-325-8001 to find out how we can best help you or visit our Home Page to learn more about Schaffhouser— an industrial electrician Nashville is proud of!

Schaffhouser Energy Management System

How An Energy Management System Can Benefit Your Business

Energy Management System

If you are looking to reduce the energy costs in your industrial or commercial business, it may be time to consider an Energy Management System (EMS).

An Energy Management System is a methodical and efficient process for constant improvement of energy function and performance. An EMS is applicable for businesses of all sizes and divisions, but can be especially beneficial for companies that require rigorous energy operations.

Energy Management Systems provide substantial insight on the performance of your equipment and systems, as well as their energy consumption. An EMS allows you to monitor, control and conserve energy, which will not only reduce costs, but can also reduce environmental damage and the amount of energy that your company consumes. Energy Management Systems are commonly recognized as a top solution to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Five Advantages of an EMS:

1. Savings- Cutting costs is typically the valuable reasons for installing an EMS. By lessening energy, the risk of energy price fluctuations and supply shortage is greatly reduced.

2. Insight on energy usage- An EMS not only allows you to reduce and conserve energy—it also provides an innovative solution that will allow you to understand the performance of devices and systems, as well as their energy consumption. This allows you to gain insight into energy savings, efficiency and sustainability. An EMS allows you to predict your energy costs, optimize and reduce waste, as well as increase your operational efficiencies. You gain the visibility to your energy spending.

3. Improve efficiency and productivity- An EMS establishes the best energy practices for your industry, thus allowing your employees and staff to become aware of energy-saving techniques, thus reducing time and improving the overall efficiency of your business.

4. Integrate systems- An EMS will allow your systems to work together and save energy while doing so. This streamlines your systems, and makes them far easier to use.

5. Qualify for a federal tax deduction- By conserving so much energy; you can receive a tax deduction, which attributes to less spending and more profitability.

Schaffhouser Electric will conduct an energy audit for you company to customize an energy management system that works for your needs. The audit will closely examine your business energy consumption and will detect areas of high usage/waste, and then we will establish the best services and systems that will reduce energy demand or control how much energy is used.

If you are interested in learning how an Energy Management System can benefit your business contact us today!