Food Processing

Food Processing Requires Innovative Solutions

The food processing industry was born when man discovered that food can be transformed, packaged and stored for a longer shelf life. This was certainly a revolution and the industry required innovation and a lot of other sophisticated features to further the practice.

Because the food and beverage industry have plants with typical set-ups and huge production lines that run on electricity, having an experienced company like Schaffhouser Electric Company that has dealt with these types of installations is paramount to a plant’s success. The installations tend to be very specific, depending on the production requirements, and we stand ready to take on the job.

Dealing with Food Processing Units

Whether it is pasteurization plants, bottling units, or any other kind of production unit, we can help. We have a rich understanding of the industry and the recent developments in industrial installations. Whether it is designing the installation across the plant or handling of manufacturing lines, our team is well-trained in all aspects to cater to your particular needs.

We make sure to keep abreast with the continuous changes taking place in the industry so we can provide our clients with the best services, technology and tools available. We also work with our clients to help fight loss of production time by coming up with efficient maintenance and service solutions.

Our Specialty Services

Our services in the area of food processing and the electrical requirements associated with it are backed by the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff. Efficiency is increased with effective time management of projects and innovative solutions for production challenges. The requirements for particular machinery and production lines are kept in mind before scoping out the work.

We also make sure that the most knowledgeable members of our staff, those well-versed with the techniques or skills required, handle key elements of the projects. We will not hesitate to bring out any issues that arise to the client and work with them to a satisfactory solution. Having this type of transparency of information builds trust for a long term relationship.

Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions to our client’s business and make sure the installations are safe. Industrial hazards are unprecedented and result in loss of business standing in general, so we do not endorse low quality products or systems.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced company to install, maintain or repair your food processing unit, we are just a call away at 615-325-8001.

With new construction or remodeling, you’ll need the knowledge and expertise of electrical engineers to keep you in compliance with codes and safety requirements. That’s why it is so important to work with someone like Schaffhouser Electric in Middle Tennessee with their vast experience with large commercial and industrial electrical projects.



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