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Schaffhouser Electrical Construction Services

The Value of Electrical Construction

Chances are you’ve probably never given much thought to electrical construction. There’s a chance you may not even know what it is.

In case you don’t (which is not uncommon), electrical construction encompasses the installation, design, wiring, testing and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. This type of work is critical for the safety of commercial and industrial facilities, and requires a strong skill set of electrical and wiring expertise, along with education of the National Electric Code. All of the Schaffhouser Electric technicians and executives are fully trained in this capacity and have diverse knowledge in a variety of expertise, which gives us the ability to deliver quality service that meets the latest codes and requirements for your electrical construction.

Our services are unique, in that we stay up-to-date on cutting-edge technology so that we can cater to an array of electrical requirements across a diverse range of industries. This makes it possible for Schaffhouser Electric to integrate large systems and control systems, as well as electrical fittings, wiring and lighting, ranging from new projects to add-ons and renovation work.

When add-ons or renovations do occur, we have the flexibility to work around your business. We take all measures to perform every electrical construction task safely and efficiently, without interrupting the flow of your daily tasks or production, even if that requires our service outside of business hours, or during down time. Our top priority is to insure that your electrical requirements are performed safely, within the expected time frame, and that all of your needs are met.

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Nashville Outdoor Lighting Services

Light It Up!

Illuminate Your Holidays

It’s time to open up those rusty boxes and decorate the house one more time for the most beautiful time of the year. Say goodbye to your bikinis and board shorts and say hello to thick furry clothes and blankets. Yes, its Christmas once again; the last minute buying of gifts and the month long preparation of setting up your Christmas tree; getting your ice skates shiny and new and getting your ham to perfection.  Preparing dinner for all your family and relatives singing holiday cheers – it is a wonderful time of year.

Don’t Be Clark Griswold 

Decorating houses with Christmas lights and other beautiful ornaments has become a well-loved tradition.  Before, families used to decorate the interiors of their home. Like the furnace, the tables, the Christmas tree, the windows, and other areas and furniture. But nowadays, people decorate even the outside exteriors of the house where beautiful LED lights sparkle their way into the night. This is called Holiday Lighting and it’s not as easy as it looks. Remember this classic scene?

There are certain electrical wirings needed for this especially if you plan on decorating the roof and the four corners of your home. But like any other electrical equipment, certain precautionary measures should be taken. This complicated work of art needs certified electricians to set up the place and make sure that all electric circuits and plugs are managed and organized in such a way so as not to cause any short-circuits or power outages or even worse, unexpected fires.

We Can Help

Christmas lights are always breath taking to look at. Those lights have this impact on people to truly feel the holiday spirit. It brings warmth and brightness to your home. Schaffhouser Electric Company, LLC is more than willing to help you with your Christmas lights and decors both indoor and outdoor. They have the finest equipment, knowledge and skill to put up the lights best suited for your home. They offer the best of their services to residential and commercial homes and buildings in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama since 2010. John Schaffhouser has signed up for billion dollar projects with enormous companies such as FedEx and Tyson. This only show how efficient his electricians and staff are. His company not only strives for perfection in the task but to always make sure it is accomplished on time and as promised. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. With them, it’s the perfect way to end yet another fruitful year.