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Industrial Electrician Services

Professional Industrial Electrician Services in Bowling Green, KY

Did you know that Schaffhouser Electric services areas outside of Nashville & Murfreesboro, including Bowling Green, Kentucky?

Schaffhouser Electric’s comprehensive industrial electrical services are suited for business and industries of all kinds, large and small. If you are looking for an industrial electrician or electric contractor in Bowling Green, KY we guarantee that we can cater to your needs in a timely, effective, and considerate manner. Our electricians and support staff are committed to top-notch customer service and craftsmanship.

Our Industrial Services cover a broad range, including large commercial installations, electrical needs for large equipment, food processing, electrical engineering, electrical construction and control systems. Below is a brief breakdown of these services, and how Schaffhouser Electric can serve your needs for professional industrial electrician services in Bowling Green, KY.

Electrical Needs for Large Equipment: Large equipment in industrial settings is imperative to the flow of business. There is not time for a breakdown or glitch, when this equipment is the center of a business productivity. Schaffhouser Electric provides maintenance, repair, relocation and integration for a vast array of electrical systems.

Food Processing: Schaffhouser Electric has a firm understanding of the food processing industry and the electrical requirements that go along with it. By using effective time management for our projects and solutions, our efficiency is increased, while still delivering the best service available. Our food processing expertise includes pasteurization plants, bottling units, as well as any other production units and our team is well trained to design installation and handle manufacturing lines.

Electrical Engineering: Bringing on an electrical engineer can be an intimidating process, but our team is highly versed on questions about codes, standards and regulations, for both new construction and renovation projects. From the design process to installation and innovation, our expert electrical engineers are fundamental to the electric business and are some of the top authorities in their field.

Electrical Construction: When it comes to Electrical Construction, Schaffhouser Electric’s services embody every criterion, including the installation, design, wiring, testing and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. This type of work is imperative for the safety and security of industrial facilities and requires the right team and expertise. Our education on the National Electric Code, vast electrical expertise and dedication to stay current on the latest technology distinguishes our electrical construction team and ensures that end result will be a job well done.

Control Systems: For enterprises and industries across the board, dedicated control systems are essential. Our experts tailor control systems to guide machines to work in sync with other installations. The integration of control systems and automation has played a large part in the innovation of many types of businesses.

If you are in the market for professional industrial electrical services in the Bowling Green area, contact us today at 615-325-8082 to learn more about how we can assist you!

Commercial Electrical Contractors

The Value of Working with Qualified Commercial Electricians

You need some basic electrical work done for your business and one of your workers knows “someone” that does this type of work. Best of all, they are very cheap and out of work, so they can get it done right away. This often sounds like a great idea to business owners, but they often get exactly what they are paying for and end up with a complete mess on their hands.

Budgets can be very tight these days and when unexpected repairs pop up, such as commercial electrical work, there simply is not enough room in the budget for major repairs. So, business owners will often look for a local handyman or a friend of a friend that can do the job on the cheap and save them some money.

However, in many cases, instead of saving money, they often end up with bad electrical work and more damage than when they started. First and foremost, the value of a qualified commercial contractor is in making sure the job is done right the first time around! It may seem like more money now, but those few extra dollars spent will definitely save money and aggravation in the future.

Simply put, experience is everything when it comes to this type of work. The “Average Joe” is not going to have the expertise to work with commercial wiring. Most electricians have served for years as an apprentice as well as having worked with another electrician before they are out on their own. They not only benefit from the supervised time, but also have the benefit of the years of experience from their mentor.

When hiring a commercial electrician, check for licensing and insurance. In addition, ask for an estimate so you have a rough idea as to how much the job will cost. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, that estimate should be very close the actual price charged. A qualified electrician will be able to provide all of this to you as well as professional and quality workmanship.