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Why You Need an Electrical Engineer and Its Expertise

How would you build a house without an architect’s blueprints?

The general contractor could assemble all of his subcontractors. The framers could gather some wood. The electricians might have some thoughts on how to wire the house. The drywall guys would know how to hang drywall and the roofers would know to order some tiles.

In theory, anyone could throw together plans for a house. An experienced general contractor knows what goes into building a house. Surely with all that collective expertise, they could wing it.

Without plans, though, none of their expertise matters. Before you build anything, you need plans drawn by a professional. Otherwise, you end up with a mish mash of raw materials, but most likely not a livable house.

Electrical engineers are the architects of all electrical projects. They’re the guys you turn to with questions about codes, standards, and regulations. Whether it’s a new building or a renovation, an electrical engineer will be able to draw up the plans for our technicians to follow.

The field of electrical engineering was born in the 1800s as industry began to boom. Over the last century and a half, it’s grown and morphed into several subdisciplines. Our electrical engineers are experts in local building codes and electrical solutions. They’re fully certified, and spend lots of time keeping up to date on new developments in the industry.

At Schaffhouser Electric Company, our electrical engineers are the best in Nashville and in Tennessee. They can advise on basic wiring and meeting codes. Or they can architect your whole control system for maximum efficiency at your plant or business. No matter the industry, though, just like an architect’s expertise is needing to build, an electrical engineer has to be involved to get the best quality electrical system.

We know that every project and business is unique. Even factories in the same industry have different challenges and obstacles. Our electrical engineers stay up to date on the latest and greatest methods and regulations. They’re experts in best practices, but they know that every project will have its own solutions.

Whether you’re building a new plant, updating an existing structure, or wanting to keep up to date on codes, our electrical engineers can help. Give us a call at 615-325-8001 to know more about our services.

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Safety Precautions Routinely Undertaken by Electricians

Most of us have felt a mild electrical shock at some point in our lives. Whether from faulty wiring of a lamp or the childlike inexperience that leads us to pry stuck toast loose with a knife, we have been shocked. Those extremely mild jolts of electricity are enough to underscore the importance of safety precautions being taken by electricians.

Working with electricity every day, professional electricians need to be extremely conscious of potential dangers and take appropriate precautions. The condition of the workplace and an electrician’s tools are of paramount concern, along with proper footwear and rubber grips on tools. Proper safety precautions can be the difference between life and death for electricians, so their value can hardly be overstated.

Keeping Tools in Good Condition Safeguards Electricians

First of all, an electrician needs to keep their tools in excellent condition, in order to avoid accidents that can happen if they malfunction. As subject to wear and tear as any equipment, electrical cords can fray, wires can pull loose, and cutting edges can dull. Careful inspection and maintenance of tools and equipment goes a long way to protecting electricians.

Secondly, because of the importance of their condition, an electrician’s tools should be kept locked up. Whether because one is fascinating or because it comes in handy for something the homeowner or a co-worker is doing, tools left out get used. The only way an electrician can be confident of the condition of his tools is to lock them up when they’re not using them.

A Clean Workplace Is a Safer Workplace

Finally, it is important for the work area to be orderly and clear of things that can constitute hazards. A walk-around to look for cabling, tools, and wires left on the floor is a good safety precaution both before and after a job. Not only do homeowners appreciate the cleanup because it improves the appearance of the house, but their safety is also protected.